Important Changes to the WeChat OA Admin Platform Website

Thank you for visiting the WeChat Official Accounts Admin Platform!

We have some exciting news to share with you.

As you may know, the WeChat OA Admin Platform was originally developed as the international version of the Weixin OA Platform, which at the time did not allow overseas businesses and notable persons to apply for a Weixin Official Account.

Since then, we have recognized the importance of helping our users promote their brands to a wider and truly global audience. To this end, the Weixin OA Platform has transformed into an international OA platform allowing both mainland Chinese and overseas OAs to coexist on the same platform and to reach users worldwide – both in and outside of China.

The WeChat OA Platform will be transitioning out and will be succeeded by the new and improved MP Weixin Official Accounts Platform (

The new MP Weixin Official Accounts Platform will provide both Weixin users based in mainland China and WeChat users around the world with even more convenient and high-quality services. For the first time, overseas OAs will now be able to provide information to mainland China based users via this platform.

With the transition, current WeChat OA owners will be given the option to sign up for a new MP Weixin OA and migrate account information to the MP Weixin Official Account Platform. There will be a three month period of transition, during which time current WeChat OA owners may save and manage their own data or migrate their data to their new account on the MP Weixin Official Account Platform. Once the three month period has come to an end, on 2018-09-13 the WeChat OA Admin Platform will no longer be operational.

We are always working on making improvements to provide our users and platform partners with more convenient and high-quality services to improve your WeChat experience. Please reach out to us at if you require any assistance during this transition period.

WeChat Team