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Users in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India can apply for an official account via, and users in other regions can directly mail to
1) Users in Hong Kong, Malaysia, and India can register via Fill in the required information and submit the application.
Precautions:Please keep the application number for checking application progress.
2) The WeChat OA team will audit the information within 7 to 14 calendar days ...
Successful Cases

BTS SkyTrain(Thailand)

Fast and easy way to find information about routes, ticket types, fares, operating hours, news and promotions.


Leading online health&beauty retailer-Watsons, will held a online TV-serials voting and WeChat Shake Shake in Malaysia new year.

UNICEF(Hong Kong)

Provides a simple and safe donation method for users. It allows users to donate money via credit cards issued by local banks and send "inspired gifts" through OA platform.

China Airlines(Taiwan)

Taiwan's leading airline corporation provides the best quality of air travel and flight experience. China Airlines connect customers with the world through its state of the art technology and innovative services.

Picup(South African)

Offers simple, reliable, instant delivery services with WeChat’s built-in functionality such as mapping, payments and messaging. We transform your phone - into a delivery remote control.


Provides online medical services including medical registration, counseling and health management, etc.