WeChat Official Account Admin Platform V5.5 Released

WeChat Official Account Admin Platform V5.5 was released on October 19, 2016. This update includes the following features:

  • ● Replaced "Groups" feature with "User Tags"
  • ● Optimized User Card appearance

1. Replaced "Groups" feature with "User Tags"

After logging in to the WeChat Official Account Admin, operators can click "Management" in the left menu to manage their followers. Choose one of the existing tags from the drop-down list to classify followers quickly, or tap "New Tag" to directly create a new tag for followers.

In addition, the tag API has been updated to allow developers to configure tags for users. The advanced broadcast messaging API and custom menu APIs can take advantage of user tags.

2. Optimized User Card appearance to support large profile headshot and interactive data

Interactive data such as the number of new messages, comments and likes have been added to the user display area. The user's following time is displayed and a large version of the user's headshot can be viewed, helping operators learn more about their followers.

In addition, "Likes Function" and "Comments Management" are supported to directly and more efficiently manage users.

WeChat Team