Malaysia WeChat Official Account Admin Platform Launches Online Verification

Dear Malaysia WeChat Official Account Users:

To further optimize the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform, simplify verification process and improve verification efficiency, Malaysia WeChat Official Account Admin Platform has launched an online verification system for Official Accounts. Users who have registered an Official Account but have not been verified yet can now log in to the WeChat Official Account Admin Platform to apply for online verification by following these simple steps:

Log in to 'WeChat Official Account Admin Platform' -> 'Account Info' -> 'Verification Info', then click 'Verify Now'!

As we have engaged a third-party auditing institution to audit the authenticity and validity of Official Accounts' entities and qualifications, an auditing service fee of RM 300 will be charged for each account verification.

Please be aware, the auditing service fee is paid for third-party auditing service and therefore non-refundable even if the application is rejected.

Online verification is currently only available for Malaysian Official Accounts (whose registration area is Malaysia) on the overseas WeChat Official Account Admin Platform. The service will be available to Official Accounts in other countries or regions soon. Please pay attention to our official notices.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us at:

WeChat Team