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The WeChat Official Account Admin Platform is a cooperation & promotion service launched for famous persons, government ...
Case Studies

BTS SkyTrain (Thailand)

Fast and easy way to find information about routes, ticket types, fares, operating hours, news and promotions.

Watsons (Malaysia)

Leading online health & beauty retailer. Watsons used WeChat to conduct online voting during TV serials and the Shake function for New Years promotions.

UNICEF (Hong Kong)

Provides a simple and safe donation method for users. It allows users to donate money via credit cards issued by local banks and send "inspired gifts" through OA platform.

China Airlines (Taiwan)

WeChat enables Taiwan's leading airline to connect with customers throughout the world. Customers can check check-in, select seating, and obtain electronic boarding passes, as well as check flight status and schedules.

Picup (South African)

Offers simple, reliable, instant delivery service using WeChat's built-in features such as mapping, payments and messaging. Your mobile becomes a remote control for easy deliveries.

Western Union(United States)

Provides WeChat users in the United States the ability to send and receive money cross-border to 200 countries and territories via the company’s WU Connect platform.