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When the location reporting interface is open on an official account, the system asks users who are followers and who have entered a chat to allow the official account to access their location information. Only one prompt is given but users can enter the details page of the official account at a later time to change the location access setting if required.

Obtain User Location

WeChat provides two ways to obtain user locations, which can be set on the Admin Platform:

(1) Users report their location only after entering into a chat with the official account.

(2) The system provides a report once every 5 seconds during a chat.

WeChat implements location reporting by pushing XML packets to the URL entered by the developer. See an example below:


Parameter Description

Parameter Description
ToUserName Developer's WeChat ID
FromUserName Unique sender ID (an OpenID)
CreateTime Message creation time (Integer)
MsgType Event
Event Location
Latitude Latitude
Longitude Longitude
Precision Location accuracy
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