API Call Limits

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Response Description

To prevent loading exceptions caused by program errors, each Official Account can only call APIs several times. When the calling number exceeds the limit, corresponding APIs called will receive the return error codes below:

{"errcode":45009,"errmsg":"api freq out of limit"}
API Daily Limit
Obtain access_token 2000
Create Custom-Defined Menu 1000
Query Custom-Defined Menu 10000
Delete Custom-Defined Menu 1000
Create Group 1000
Obtain Group 1000
Change Group Name 1000
Move Group 100000
Upload Multimedia Files 5000
Download Multimedia Files 10000
Send Service Message 500000
Advanced Broadcast Interface 100
Upload Article Messages 10
Delete Article Messages 10
Set Name Remarks 10000
Obtain Follower List 500
Obtain User Info 5000000
Load Web Authentication access_token 2000000
Update Web Authentication access_token 2000000
Obtaining User Info Via Web Authentication 2000000
Set Name Remarks 100000
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